Sky Battle

Do you like action games? Military pilots are people who were considered the elite of the armed forces in any army. After all, every day they had to take to the air where they were faced with many dangers. Do you want to be in the role of such a brave pilot? Thanks to the game Sky Battle you have the opportunity. We will get with you to the world in which there is a war and we will be a military pilot in one of the armies. Today, the command ordered us to conduct a reconnaissance flight over the territory of the enemy. North on the plane you flew to the assignment. But in order to fly over the territory of the enemy you need to overcome the front line, but there we are waiting for danger. Anti-aircraft guns will fire at us from the ground and we need not to fall under their fire. You have to dodge the shells that fly by you. You will have to show the wonders of dexterity in the management of the aircraft and break through the dense fire of the enemy. You will control the plane with the help of the "left and right" keys on the computer keyboard. Remember that only on your dexterity and attention depends on the performance of the task of command.
The game Sky Battle is quite interesting and is designed for boys players. From the first minutes of each player will plunge into the atmosphere of hostilities and with interest will participate in hostilities. Open Sky Battle on our website and show everyone that you are a great pilot.
Categories: Action / Shooting

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