Viking Wars 2 Treasure

This time the Vikings will meet again in a duel in the game Viking Wars 2 Treasure, and not only will fight each other, but will try to become better by collecting diamonds in the arena, this time it is not a matter of physical superiority, but the battle for treasure. In addition to diamonds, you can get an advantage by collecting bonuses that fall out of thin air. Each diamond will give you one point. The one who scores 5 points first wins the game. Call a friend and invite him into the game to control your opponent and start a war. The one who first collects five gems will be the winner and will definitely win the opponent. Control the arrows and ASDW buttons. Dexterity and skill will be the key to your victory. If you like this kind of games, go ahead and play! Vikings are waiting for you! So good luck and victory to you!
Categories: Action

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Game Viking Wars 2 Treasure has been played 19 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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