Fish War

A new browser game offers to sit down to control the fish and feel in the water world. The little red fish launched a real military campaign in the game Fish War, and all because she was placed in an aquarium with predatory fish. These toothy jaws constantly swim near your character and want to eat it. However, the fighting fish is not of the timid and in every way provides total resistance to its abuser. Want to see how it actually happens, rather connect to the battle. In the arsenal of the fish in the presence of only feathers, but you can in the pond and find a machine gun, as well as other automatic weapons and ammunition for them. Direct the ward in the right direction for the selection of deep-sea mines and attack attacking predators. You will also be an ecologist fish, your mission is also to clean the corals. That is really simple, isn't it ? Good luck in your personal battle!
Categories: Action / Adventure

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Game Fish War has been played 19 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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