Doggy Quest The Dark Forest

Everything is very strange, but this baby dog ​​was in a dark forest, from where he now needs to get out, having overcome for this a long distance among the trees. The forest certainly has magic and this magic will need to be used for its own good. You will have to run in the dark, illuminating the path in front of you with a small flashlight, which the dog will keep in his mouth in the game Doggy Quest The Dark Forest. The beam of this lantern will snatch out from the darkness various figures playing the role of guards in this mystical forest. It’s absolutely impossible to come across them and therefore you will have to find safe routes to continue your movement in the game Doggy Quest The Dark Forest. It is quite simple to do this, because you can run upside down in this forest, for which it is enough to press the Down arrow on your keyboard. But be very attentive, because there are also guards on the lower side of the path who are ready to destroy you immediately, as soon as you approach him closely in the game Doggy Quest The Dark Forest. You have to constantly jump from the path to the path in order not to fall into the clutches of these guards and get to the exit from this dark forest. There are a lot of levels to run in the Doggy Quest The Dark Forest game in order to see white light in the distance, which will mean salvation for this dog. Good luck!
Categories: Adventure / Racing

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Game Doggy Quest The Dark Forest has been played 80 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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