Fit The Shape

Fit the shape is an exciting video game for all puzzle lovers. In this arcade video game you need to go through a platform that has the same shape as your object. Your object can change the shape of a cube, a triangle, and a sphere. You need to choose the right shape to fit the platform, you will have some time for it. So be attentively and careful. You will meet diamonds on your way , take them and you will get points. The game has excellent graphics and there are two color game modes. Can you choose which one you like, gray or beige? What color will help you concentrate? Drive a moving track to continue action. Video puzzle game can be with numbers, letters or pictures. And with each level it will be harder and harder! Good luck and quickly join the world of puzzles!
Categories: Arcade / Action

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Game Fit The Shape has been played 8 times for this moment. Published at 05-05-2019
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