Sheepop is an arcade and adventure video game. We have to help the little sheep in this game. When the sheep traveled and walked along the shore of the lake there was an accident. The bridge on which the little sheep walked collapsed. Our character must get to the other side by jumping along the posts that remained from the bridge to return. You must help her in the arcade and adventure game Sheepop. You will see a river, pillars and your sheep on the start screen. Your task is to click on your character and draw a line. This line is responsible for the direction and strength of the sheep jump. As soon as you calculate all these parameters, just push it in this direction, and you will jump. If you are not mistaken in the calculations, it will definitely land on the pillar you need. You miss it at least once and you lose right away. You will have to score points from the start. Good luck and have fun!
Categories: Arcade / Adventure

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Game Sheepop has been played 21 times for this moment. Published at 04-23-2019
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