Star Shooter

From the depths of space in the direction of our planet advancing armada of warships of aliens. They destroy all the colonies of earthlings located on distant planets and fly towards the Earth. You in the game Star Shooter in the fleet of fighters will have to intercept this armada of ships and destroy. As soon as you see the enemy, immediately turn around for a combat approach and attack. Deftly maneuvering in space, you will need to fire from all the guns of your ship and shoot down the enemy. Each ship you hit will bring you a certain amount of points. You have to go around all the stars and reach such a result that even friends will envy you. You will fly quickly and beautiful screensavers will please the eye. Everything will work out for you and you will easily and quickly reach the final. Play and enjoy!
Categories: Arcade

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Game Star Shooter has been played 21 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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