Solitaire Legend

Solitaire Legend can rightly be called legendary, so our puzzle is called Solitaire Legend. In fact, this is the first solitaire game you met in virtual spaces. He was part of a set of mandatory office programs and often helped you pass the everyday work at the computer. Later, other card games began to appear, but Solitaire Legend remained unforgettable and revered until now. Give tribute to the old and favorite game, play on the new site with a beautiful high-quality interface. Your task is to place all the cards on the playing field in four piles. Sort by suit and by rank from Ace to King. In the table itself, you can move cards, but only in descending order of alternating colors. Winning the game will give you bonus coins for which you can purchase new cool card backgrounds and card designs. Your task is not only to make the correct alignment, but also to meet the minimum number of moves. Enjoy your favorite card game!
Categories: Arcade

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Game Solitaire Legend has been played 15 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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