Cube Endless Jumping

A small green cube, having got into the anomalous zone, has acquired wings and now wants to learn how to fly. Somewhere in the sky is the legendary island soaring in the sky. Your hero wants to visit him, and you will help him in the game Cube Endless Jumping. You will see how the cube soars in the air, flapping its wings. He still flies badly so he must use the clouds in order to jump to a certain height. You will need to direct his movements. So jumping from one cloud to another, he will rise high into the sky. In this case, do not let him face a variety of dangerous objects flying through the sky. Endless fun in the clouds is waiting for you. Get up Can you find the end? Probably not, because the universe is infinite, and once you get there, you will find no end. Well, you can try to make the best possible record. Cube Endless Jumping is fun platform jumping game suitable for all ages. Have fun!
Categories: Arcade

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Game Cube Endless Jumping has been played 24 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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