Skull Hunter

Skull Hunter is a hypercasual horror game with one touch control. Your goal in this game is to destroy the heralds of darkness on each level. In the breaks, you can improve your combat arsenal. The last time in the world strange events began to take place, everything that was previously unreal, is happening and people have to adapt to new conditions. A couple of years ago, a skeletal uprising began, skeletal hunters appeared, and you will help one of these brave souls to deal with the bony army in the Skull Hunter. The problem is that the skeletons do not attack in the open, they hide, attacking in small groups at the most inopportune moment. Our shooter needs to track down the lair, where the undead is hiding, and you will help to destroy them. GAMEPLAY: Do not touch the radar of golden skulls. If you have no choice to move away from the radar of the golden skull, hit them, but if you touch the radar of the golden skull, they will quickly move in the right direction to kill you. Think carefully, you can also use the movement of a golden skull to destroy a wall or other golden skulls.
Categories: Arcade

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