We are witnessing the beginning of Armageddon. But do we have something to fear? I do not think so. This is for the curious and intelligent, who always find a way out of any complex and unresolvable situation. You have to go the hard way, because you are waiting for the fall of the meteorite. At this point, you will have to think through everything very well, create a strategy, act according to a plan, but do it quickly. Who knows what might happen in the next second. Your hero is trying to escape and hoping to get away from this madhouse! You just need to run away from falling stones and, if possible, collect pieces of food falling from the top, which will help him to last much longer, and it is even possible to survive after all this! Prove to the whole city and its inhabitants who is the real brave and hero here. Good luck!
Categories: Arcade
Tags: arcade

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