Tiny Alien

This story tells us about the greatest space of the galaxy, there are two funny aliens in it.  When they traveled around space, they met a planet.  This planet was uninhabited, and they wanted to explore it, and began their journey from the underground city.  In this game you will help them.  You will need to control them, move around using the control keys.  Manage them to easily cope with obstacles that will meet on their way.  When you come across enemies, you must shoot them in order to survive and not lose the game.  Jump and shoot in open space.  Can you defeat all enemies and get all the treasures?  This arcade game with amazing graphics will be remembered by everyone!  That you can be an alien hero, and save the universe!  Good luck and courage!
Categories: Arcade / Action

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Game Tiny Alien has been played 53 times for this moment. Published at 05-05-2019
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