Hangman Adventure

Can you guess the words? Help your hero not to become a dinner for the dragon or get to the gallows in the game Hangman. The game will require patience and language skills from you. You need to guess the word that the computer or your friend suggested. Press the keys with the mouse and select the letters at the bottom of the keyboard. There are several types of complexity. The essence is to correctly call buzzwords by small letters. But because of the wrong letters, the little man will be completely drawn and will hang on the rope. And you lose. Take your time and think before you choose a letter. You can choose vowels in big words, because there is a high probability that they are all there, or several identical letters at once. Hangman Adventure is a video puzzle game for you,so play and enjoy!
Categories: Puzzle

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Game Hangman Adventure has been played 30 times for this moment. Published at 05-05-2019
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