The Black and White

On the way home the Black and White black hole swallowed. As a result, they were on the "Planet portals". A wonderful game in which you need in the role of a strange spacecraft to destroy even more strange enemies. A variety of weapons and upgrades for a long time will keep you in the game. Help them find the portals that will bring them home. Forward to a fascinating itinerary! No upgrade system and no powerups, a very bad combination when you are presenting a space shooter. Even if it is pixelated, game does evolve. Black White, though, has its merits. The game has unlockables and you are going to shoot enemies by flipping your self and be the opposite color of your target enemy. Start playing right now, good luck and fun!
Categories: Puzzle / Adventure

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Game The Black and White has been played 19 times for this moment. Published at 04-11-2019
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