Z Day Shootout

Are you a zombie apocalypse lover? This addictive shooter game is for you! The player will have to face an unprecedented meanness of the enemy using an unexplored substance that turns live fighters into obsessed zombies in an exciting game Z Day Shootout. This was a significant blow to your army, but you can not give up, you need to be strong. Otherwise monsters will come to power, and ruin and chaos will triumph in the whole progressive world. Look for people without infection and together create groups of brave warriors. Take a gun and shoot safely. It is necessary to exterminate all the zombies. Z Day Shootout is a story about the onset of an irreversible apocalypse. Play and enjoy!
Categories: Shooting / 3D

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Game Z Day Shootout has been played 30 times for this moment. Published at 06-06-2019
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