Endless Golf

Do you like sports video games?  There are people who are interested in such an exiting sports game as golf.  You can play golf in this game “Endless Golf”.  You will get unforgettable emotions of playing.  You will see a field for the game in front of you.  The field will have a rather difficult terrain. You will see a flag in front of you .  This flag will tell you where the hole is.  You will need to score the ball this hole.  This will be at the other end of the field.  By clicking on the ball you can set the force and trajectory of your strike.  If you calculated everything correctly to make a hit then you will hit the hole and get some points.  Increase your ranking and improve skills!  This game will appeal to everyone who is interested in sports.  Play and enjoy!

Categories: Sports

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Game Endless Golf has been played 10 times for this moment. Published at 05-05-2019
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